1:1 Coaching

Rooting Out Your Weight Woes, One-on-One

Whether it’s a rogue hormone, late-night sugar raids, or 3 am stress-fiesta… we’re diving deep into your unique story to get you feeling like the superstar mom you are.
It's time to get real personal.

Like, "why did that last slice of cheesecake sabotage my weight loss?" personal.

Imagine a world where you’re no longer a slave to calorie counting or grueling workout routines.

Instead, picture a life filled with vitality, confidence, and the freedom to enjoy the foods you love without guilt – all while feeling like a confident, fun mom your kids adore! 

Coaching with me will help you get past your unique challenges so the party can begin!

Is this you?

You've flirted with Metabobliss...

but now you’re ready for a full-blown commitment because you know your kiddos deserve you at your best!

The problem is one or more of the following…

You’ve got a unique lifestyle, symptom, or circumstance and it’s throwing you off!

Life has thrown you a curveball, and you’re looking for a wellness approach that dances to your own beat. Together, well craft an effective, uniquely-yours wellness adventure that’s as exciting as it is effective!

You’re doing all the things but You can’t figure out why it just isn’t working!

You’re putting in the effort, doing all the right things, but the results just aren’t adding up. I’ll help you crack the code. Let’s turn your journey into an exciting quest for answers and sustainable transformation!

You know what you need to do but you keep getting tossed off track!

You’ve got the knowledge, you know what needs to be done, but life keeps throwing obstances. Together, we’ll navigate those twists and turns, helping you stay focused and committed to your ultimate success!

Why 1:1 Coaching?

Because your family is worth it!

As moms, spending on ourselves feels like a foreign concept... but imagine how excited your kids will be when there's:

“She makes me feel supported and empowered at whatever level I’m at, to be strong, keep pushing, and be the best I can be. She does this with gentle, effective, and personalized encouragement. I feel happy, sexy, strong and motivated!

“I’m now able to exercise again and function better in my everyday life. I feel more confident, connected, happy, sexy, strong and motivated.

Susan is one of the most fantastic women I’ve met and is positively influencing my life.

She makes me feel supported and empowered at whatever level I’m at, to be strong, keep pushing, and be the best I can be.

She does this with gentle, effective, and personalized encouragement via her beautiful communication style.”

Deanna C.

MetaboBliss™ Mastery

Unlocking your success, One Coaching Session at a Time.

the options:

#1: Mom-Bod Blueprint: Weight Loss Accountability

Investment: $3000

/for 3 months


#2:Functional Nutrition Coaching (*The Whole Enchilada*)

Investment: $5500

/for 3 months


Your Q's

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply?

This is for if you’re a tired, fed up mom who’s ready to say goodbye to the diet drama, boost your energy, and become the unstoppable, fun-loving moms your kids can’t keep up with!

Ideally you’ve already done the MetaboBliss™️ program and have the fundamentals – you just need your own superhero sidekick to help you get over a few humps! We’ll be a good fit if you’re really ready to make this happen and are fully committed to working through roadblocks.

Zoom calls from the comfort of your home! No need to stress about logistics or getting yourself across town – that’s precious time you could be using to hang with your kids or take some much-needed “you time”.

Absolutely! Emotional eating is so common (I’ve been there myself, big time). We’ll work together to identify triggers, develop strategies, and build a healthier relationship with food. You’ve got this, and I’ve got your back!

You bet! As an Air Force veteran and military wife, I completely understand the demands of an unusual job situation. You can absolutely still succeed. My approach is all about making health and wellness work for you, even in the midst of chaos.

Of course! I’m not a medical doctor, but I can work alongside your healthcare team to support you on your wellness journey. We’ll adapt our approach to accommodate your specific needs and circumstances AND we can do further functional-nutrition labs to give us insights that you won’t get from the doctor.

Tell me about it! As moms, there’s always something tugging at our purse strings and our own needs fall way to the bottom of the list.

But think about it – I’m betting your kids would rather have a mom who was happy, present, and down for adventure than yet another extra-curricular activity. They may not understand initially, but they’ll get it when they feel the difference – they’ll thank you later!

“I wasn’t showing up for myself or my family like I wanted to. I now do all the the things I NEEDED to do before but didn’t make time for.”

“I was a tired overweight mom trying to make it through the day without giving up or falling apart. I wasn’t taking care of myself and I just didn’t feel like I was showing up for myself or my family like I wanted to. I teamed up with Susan to get healthy again. Life is still busy but I now do all the the things I NEEDED to do before but didn’t make time for.”
Tara H.
I love susan’s authenticity and willingness to help! I’ve enjoyed increased energy and I can smile in a mirror instead of hide!”
“Before working with Susan, I struggled with my weight, eating habits and wanting to hide from mirrors. Susan taught me that I don’t need to keep up with everyone else and that consistency is more important. Since working with Susan, I’ve enjoyed working out (it can be fun), increased energy and I can smile in a mirror instead of hide. I love Susan’s authenticity and willingness to help.”
Jillian B.

“I’m more confident and in the best shape of my life. I couldn’t have done it without Susan’s ongoing support, love and positive mindset.

“I knew I needed to have a healthier lifestyle, but what mom has time for that, right? Well, Susan did! So I listened to every advice she gave. Now I am more confident, more focused, and physically in the best shape of my life. I plan nutritious meals for my family every week. I have energy and a sustainable lifestyle. I could have never done this without Susan’s ongoing support, love and positive mindset.”
Louann K.

to recap... This is For You If:

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