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find food freedom with metabobliss

ditch the diet drama with a metabolism makeover

Go from exhausted and self-conscious to effortlessly burning fat & having energy so infectious your kids won’t be able to keep up!

Important question for tired moms still counting calories and avoiding their fave foods...

What's the difference between those moms who seem to have it all together, with boundless energy and seemingly effortless bodies...

...and the moms who are worn down by constant battle with the scale?

If you guessed that those moms are mathematical wizards with their calorie counting, have willpower stronger than steel, and treat the gym like their second home — you’d be wrong! 

If you guessed that they must have no job, a live-in nanny, and a personal chef so they actually have time to devote to staying thin, patient, and perfect… you’d also be wrong! Keep reading!

The cycle of restrict-crave-binge feels like a rollercoaster with no exit

You dream of dancing like nobody's watching, but that nagging focus on your weight keeps you from fully enjoying those delightful moments with your children.

I totally get you. You’re an incredible mom who’d move mountains for her kids, and yet, that ‘Mom Guilt’ sneaks up on you every time you lose your cool or zone out on them. 

It kills you that you’re not able to be the playful, carefree mom you aspire to be. It’s like a weight that tugs at your heart, right?

The real frustration? It’s in that never-ending cycle of dieting. You’ve tried the “right” ways, but it’s like riding a roller coaster – up, down, and back up again. The worst part is that it feels like you can never get off, or the pounds just pile back on! 

You've been lied to and it's not your fault

You've been told time and again that restrictive diets are the only ticket to losing weight and feeling good about yourself.

And it does work -- for a bit. But then:

Let's be real...

You're not asking for the perfect body. You just want to:

the 4 biggest myths that are keeping you stuck in dieting drama:

Myth #1: You just need to find the perfect diet plan

The truth is, a perfect diet that works for everyone can be like one-size-fits-“all” clothing – it’s a lie. It’s time to ditch the idea that a “perfect” diet exists and discover that it’s less about the exact foods you eat, and more about priming your metabolism for world-domination (which includes the ability to have some guilt-free chocolate chip cookies!)

Myth #2: You just need to work out longer and harder

Endless cardio might sound like the secret to success but – let’s be real, you’re a mom and you ain’t got time for dat. Instead of pushing harder, you need to learn to work smarter with quick workouts that get straight to the point — and keep your body in fat-burning mode all day long.

Myth #3: You just need more willpower

If you’ve ever blamed yourself for not having enough willpower, it’s time to put this myth to bed because muscling forward on willpower alone is doomed to fail. Instead it’s about making sustainable choices that fit your lifestyle, allow you to enjoy life and still reach your health and body goals.

Myth #4: You just need to forget about your fave foods

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Let’s debunk the myth that healthy eating means saying farewell to all the flavors you love. If you learn the secrets to a fat-burning metabolism, your weight loss journey can absolutely be both effective AND delicious.

Imagine how it would feel to eat more freely without feeling guilty or gaining weight

How would it feel to free your mind, body, and soul from the guilt and shame that comes with diet culture?

What if you could end the crash diet/binge roller coaster because you had a simple framework for making delicious, nutritious, satisfying meals?
What if instead of waking up feeling sluggish, you work up with energy and motivation because your hormones were in balance?
What would it feel like to have a food freedom lifestyle where you could enjoy dinners out with friends and still maintain a healthy weight?

You know there has to be a more sustainable approach to health but…

You’re stuck in a loop

Dieting is the only way you’ve ever lost weight in the past so you continue riding the roller coaster even though the weight always seems to come back on.

You’re confused

You’re SO confused about how to eat healthy, exercise, and feel balanced because there’s so much contradicting information about health and nutrition out there.

You’re overwhelmed

You’re too busy and overwhelmed to figure out a healthy game plan. By the end of the day, all you can do is zone out watching Netflix with your fave snack.

You’re defeated

You’re defeated and discouraged because NOTHING seems to work, no matter what you do – you think you’re destined to feel burned out and controlled by food.

“When you almost moon the neighbors, I count that as a win! I noticed my capri jeans were sagging – and had to quickly put my groceries down to catch them!!! My Clothes are definitely fitting better!

Jocelyn P.

Your kids are only kids once.

You want to look back with no regrets, knowing that you had the energy and confidence to make every moment count.

You know what they say: The days are long, but the years are short – and you feel that in your bones. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to be the carefree mom you always thought you’d be.

You envision the laughter-filled days, the spontaneous dance parties, the games of tag at the park, and the endless adventures. You want to build lasting memories with your children, knowing that you were there, fully present, radiating the positive energy that made their childhood magical.

It’s not about having the “perfect” body; it’s about having the perfect energy to create those unforgettable moments. Like most moms, you’re used to putting yourself last, but a life filled with joy can only start with your health!

Luckily here is a way to have all this WITHOUT painful restriction and hours-long workouts!

So what's the big secret to ditching the diet drama while still losing weight?

It’s making small, sustainable lifestyle shifts that send your metabolism into effortless, all-day fat burning mode!

And guess what? The stress on the body from the restrict-crave-binge cycle actually wreaks havoc on your metabolism – making it harder to keep weight off in the long run!

What if this was your norm...

100% calm & full of energy

Imagine starting your day feeling well-rested, with steady energy all the way till bedtime. You’ve got the patience and endurance  to tackle lunch runs, last minute work deadlines, and whatever shenanigans your kids cook up.

Playful and adventurous

Imagine being the mom who’s up for every game, every race, and every playful moment without feeling out of breath. Your transformed metabolism empowers you to keep up with their endless energy!

Confident and carefree

Imagine easily saying yes to any situation because you’ve ditched the self-consciousness, and replaced it with unwavering confidence. The beach, the birthday party, or the impromptu football game – bring it on!

Hi. I'm Susan.

And I had it all wrong.

Just like you, I’ve willpowered my way through diets, obsessively counted calories, and tried to make myself skinnier by eating less and working out more.

Little did I know, my unbalanced approach to food & exercise was wreaking havoc on my metabolism. I had brain fog, insomnia, cravings, mood swings, binges and burnout.

After overcoming my health struggles by balancing my blood sugar and taking a holistic mind-body-soul approach to wellness, I wanted to pay it forward.

For 8+ years I’ve been a certified Life & Health Coach on a quest to help busy moms break free of the dieting drama so they can kick the cravings, boost energy, and heal their relationship with food. I’ve used my signature MetaboBliss™️ principles to transform the health of hundreds of women, including myself.

I know it’s not easy to do this alone and that’s why I’ve fallen in love with guiding women on their journey to take back control of their health and finally feel confident in their body.

Ready to unlock your body's natural fat burning mode?


Lose the weight & boost your energy without the restriction

free yourself from diet drama and embrace an energy so infectious, even your kids will say, “Mom, chill!”

MetaboBliss™️ is an easy-to-follow 4-part method that gives you a crystal clear, *can’t fail* roadmap for dropping pounds, creating all-day energy, and releasing yourself from the shackles of calorie-counting!

MetaboBliss™ includes:

And these bonuses

“I am more confident, more focused, and physically in the best shape of my life. I could never have done this without susan!”

“I knew I needed to have a healthier lifestyle, but what mom has time for that, right? Well, Susan did! So I listened to every advice she gave.

Now I am more confident, more focused, and physically in the best shape of my life. I plan nutritious meals for my family every week. I have energy and a sustainable lifestyle.

I could have never done this without Susan’s ongoing support, love and positive mindset.”

Louann K.

Here's what's in Metabobliss:

Module One

ManagE Your B.S. (blood sugar)

Alright, superstar! It’s time to kick off your metabolism makeover journey by diving deep into blood sugar – the key to energy and weight management.

We’ll debunk myths and explore practical strategies to stabilize your blood sugar levels, keep those energy spikes and crashes at bay, and say “ta-ta” to those uncontrollable cravings. Prepare to wave goodbye to the diet rollercoaster and say hello to sustainable vitality!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Module Two

Strategic Movement

We’re not talking endless hours at the gym or boot camp-style workouts here. This module is all about finding movement you enjoy, fueling your workouts smartly, and incorporating activity into your daily life without making it a chore.

Get ready for some serious dance parties, strength-building superhero moves, and a fresh perspective on how movement can boost your metabolism!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Module Three

Embrace the fun

This module is all about adding joy and variety to your health journey, letting go of the perfectionist mindset, and enjoying life to the fullest while keeping your body and energy in check.

Get ready for some liberating strategies, easy hacks for your travel adventures, and yes, even some guidance on enjoying a glass of wine guilt-free!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Module Four

Move Beyond Food

In this module, we dive deep into the surprising elements that are your secret allies for vibrant health and unstoppable energy.

Get ready to meet the refreshed, revitalized you, full of vigor and zest for your busy life with the kiddos!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Strength Program

4 weeks of quick, effective workouts

This is the superhero training camp you’ve been waiting for. This isn’t about lifting barbells until you drop, but building a strong, capable body that’s ready to take on anything life – or your kids – throw your way.

Curves in all the right places, a dialed up metabolism, and powerhouse energy? That’s what I’m talking about!

Here’s what to expect:

Meal Plan

4 weeks of delicious fat burning recipes

These aren’t your typical bland, boring “diet” recipes. We’re talking mouthwatering, family-friendly dishes that make you forget you’re even on a health journey.

Plus, you’ll learn the art of meal prepping and planning to make life easier and keep your metabolism humming.

Here’s what to expect:

The Community

So much support!

Our online community and weekly calls is where Susan and your cohort of like-minded moms come together to share experiences, provide guidance, and celebrate every small victory!

Whether you need advice, a pep talk, or just a friendly chat, our community is here to uplift you on your journey to becoming the mom you’ve always wanted to be!

Here’s what to expect:

And awesome bonuses:

Bonus #1: Moms & Minis Adventure Challenge – 30 days of healthy bonding

Hey Super Mom! I get it. Finding time to focus on your health can be a juggling act when you have little ones in tow.

That’s why I’ve whipped up the Moms & Minis Adventure Challenge – 30 days of heart-pumping fun and bonding activities with your kids. You’ll be sneaking in quality time, laughter, and exercise all at once. Say goodbye to the “I don’t have time!” excuse!

Bonus #2: Metabolism Makeover Mantras – Daily affirmations to ignite your “cool Mom” status

Ready to rewrite your inner narrative, my friend? These daily affirmations are your secret weapon to kick that “uncool” feeling to the curb. Affirm your way to being the coolest, healthiest, and most vibrant mom on the block.

Let’s boost your self-confidence, energy, and cool mom vibes, one mantra at a time!

Total value: $1497!

What You Pay: only $398

or 2 payments of $199

Registration closes June 1, 2024!


Total value: $3497!

kickstart your journey for $29!

Are you ready to ditch the diet drama and start feeling better than ever?

I’ve had energy and excitement for being alive — a feeling I haven’t had in years!! Learning to be able to understand why and what I’m eating has been so helpful! thank-you thank-you.”

Jenessa U.

Here's what you can expect once you're in:

A breath of fresh air from the calorie counting mayhem!

Here is a sampling of what you can experience with MetaboBliss:

Skyrocketing Confidence
Effortless weight loss
boundless energy
More restful sleep
smoother digestion
More fun and adventure
Closeness with your kiddos
Food Freedom!!!

“I feel more confident, connected, happy, sexy, strong and motivated! Susan makes me feel supported and empowered at whatever level I’m at”

“I’m now able to exercise again and function better in my everyday life. I feel more confident, connected, happy, sexy, strong and motivated!

Honestly, Susan is one of the most fantastic women I’ve met and is positively influencing my life. She makes me feel supported and empowered at whatever level I’m at, to be strong, keep pushing, and be the best I can be. She does this with gentle, effective, and personalized encouragement via her beautiful communication style.”

Deanna C.

Could this be your turning point?

Today could be the day You finally say Goodbye to Yo-Yo Diets, Unleash the Best You, and become the fun-loving mom your family deserves!

“Life is still busy but I now do all the the things I NEEDED to do before but didn’t make time for

“I was a tired overweight mom trying to make it through the day without giving up or falling apart. I wasn’t taking care of myself and I just didn’t feel like I was showing up for myself or my family like I wanted to. 

Susan helped me get healthy again. Life is still busy but I now do all the the things I NEEDED to do before but didn’t make time for.”

Tara H.

This is for you if:

You’ve tried every freaking Diet plan and you’re sick of it
You’ve tried grueling exercise and it doesn’t seem to work
You can’t be consistent because you feel it’s all or nothing.
You’re fed up with feeling like a failure. (Trust me you’re NOT!)

100% Guarantee

You Will Love It!

There's only one way this will work for me... And that's if you are 100% satisfied.

I am very confident that you’re going to be blown away by the MetaboBliss™️ program, but if for any reason you don’t see results, reach out. We’ll figure out what’s getting in the way of you having amazing success – or your money back!

Because of Susan and the metabobliss journey, I am in control and living instead of hurting, tired and thinking about food negatively all the time.

“Prior to working with Susan and embracing the metabobliss journey, I was extremely anxious and afraid I would fail again. I have struggled with weight my entire adult life. The ups and downs. The trying new approaches. The not completely feeling good even when I was “losing weight”.

This time, though, my health was suffering and I was mentally and physically exhausted all the time. Every Monday, I would start over. Every Friday, I would be tired and hurting and off track. Arthritis was limiting my movement in my knees and moving to my shoulders. I was really hesitant because I simply didn’t want to fail again. And, I was worried because I just felt so poorly.

After the first week, I was shocked and in tears. I had more energy, significantly less arthritis pain, slept better and thinking was clearer. In week two we added in strength training. Again, the anxiety because of my knee and arthritis. At the end of week two, I felt empowered and in control again. Week 3-In control of my menu, physical activity and self-care.

Susan provides a positive and educational approach to healthy eating and self-care that made me feel confident in moving forward. Absolutely no feeling of judgment. It was okay for me to be me.

The ZOOM weekly meetings, weekly learning homework with application, resources and online community are real life and extremely helpful in learning how to understand what my body needs and to care for it in a successful manner. Because of Susan and the metabobliss journey, I am in control and living instead of hurting, tired and thinking about food negatively all the time. I am excited.

I would absolutely encourage anyone who is wanting to embrace a healthy life long approach to their personal health and want to be surrounded by a positive, educational environment to join Susan and Metabobliss!”

Cathy P.

Selfish? Nah, Mama! you owe it to your family to do this!

As moms, we're used to feeling selfish for taking time for ourselves. But imagine how your kids are going to feel when:

“feeling overweight, tired and uncomfortable are not dominating every other thought in my head like they did 4 weeks ago!
Lisa T.

Here's a reminder of what's included:

And these bonuses

Total value: $3497!

What You Pay: starting at $29/month

Your Q's

Frequently Asked Questions

No gym? No problem! You won’t find any complicated machines here. Our workouts are designed to be home-friendly, and you’ll only need basic equipment like dumbbells. But hey, if you don’t have them, we’ve got alternatives for you!
Forget about the “D” word! MetaboBliss is all about flexibility. We’re not here to restrict your favorite foods. You’ll get some fantastic nutrition guidance that lets you savor the good stuff while making healthier choices.

Our community is like an energizing dance party! You’ll join a private online group filled with fantastic peeps – including Susan – to share experiences and pump up your motivation.

MetaboBliss is designed specifically for busy moms. Our strategies are easy to integrate into your daily routine and you can binge the content in the carpool lane or while folding laundry using the short audio clips. 

Yes, you can! I celebrate unique choices and health concerns. If you’ve got specific health concerns, I recommend checking with your healthcare provider to ensure you’re on the right track. As for dietary restrictions, I’m all about giving you plant-based options and the opportunity for food swaps! 

Results vary, but most participants report increased energy, improved confidence, and some weight loss! Of course, it’s only a sample of what’s possible as you continue into the future. This is a foundational program that sets you on a path to lasting health.

Life happens and we understand that maintaining consistency can be challenging. That’s why our community and support system are here to help you bounce back. Whether you need encouragement, advice or just a friendly nudge, we’ve got your back. Plus, our flexible approach means you can always pick up where you left off without feeling guilty.

I’m confident you will start to see positive improvements in your health within the four weeks if you follow the program! But if for any reason you’re not satisfied, no worries – you can cancel at any time.

Imagine experiencing all this (close your eyes and really feel it)...

You’re the energetic, fun-loving mom they adore
Your weight no longer controls your life
Your kids can’t keep up with your endless energy
You’re confidently setting a healthy example
Your metabolism effortlessly burns stubborn fat
Your food choices are guided by joy, not guilt
You’re finally free from dieting misery
The mirror reflects the joyful, vibrant you

Ready to ditch diet drama and embrace lasting health?


Ready to transform your summer?

Join our Confidence Unleashed Challenge!

Feel stuck and struggling with consistency? Join us to stay motivated, overcome self-doubt and transform your body and mind this summer.

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