Meet Susan

Metabolism Maven & slayer of diet drama.

Mom of six, retired Air Force veteran, and your new best friend when it comes to losing weight & feeling great WITHOUT giving up your fave foods. 

Is This You?

You're in the right place if you're a mom who's ever felt the tug-of-war between a delicious burger and jeans that subtly suggest, "maybe opt for a salad" =(

You’ve tested out every diet in the book. You’ve made some serious efforts in the gym. You believe it’s “all-or-nothing” so maintaining consistency feels impossible. You often just feel like a total loser (you’re not!)

You fear another day where you’re hungry and exhausted – and cranky with your kids because you’ve got nothing left to give (hello, guilt city).

You feel like the world’s biggest failure every time you inevitably sneak a cupcake, throw in the towel on another diet, and see the scale inch back up.

You’re fun at heart! You want more than anything to feel alive, vibrant, and like the mom your kids can’t keep up with! (but can’t seem to get out of this loop you’re stuck in…)

The good news is that you don't have to give up your favorite foods or spend 3 hours a day at the gym to succeed!

Here's my jam:
Health & Weight loss can be (dare I say)… fun!

Silliness, adventures, and making people pee their pants with laughter are my thing – and I believe in savoring every moment. Life’s too short to spend hours at the gym or restrict ourselves from delicious experiences! I used to think extreme exercise and limits was the only way, but I was so wrong. Health and weight loss is achievable in a way that’s actually pleasant – and the resulting energy and confidence opens up a whole world of fun!

I’m all about meeting you where you are with empathy

I get it, life’s a whirlwind. Kids, jobs, partners—there’s never enough time for ourselves. Trust me, I understand. I’ve battled yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, and food restrictions myself while juggling kids, a business, and a military career. But here’s the thing: I’ll never shame you for your past or your current situation. I’m all about looking ahead and finding tailored, doable steps that fit YOUR life. No matter what you’re dealing with, health is within your reach!

I’m more interested in sustainable results, than quick-fix band-aid solutions

There are plenty of folks out there peddling magic potions and one-size-fits-all diets, promising miraculous results. But let’s face it, that’s not how it works (at least not in the long term) because everyone’s body and journey is unique. My focus is on delving deep into YOUR challenges and finding holistic solutions that will keep your energy soaring and your health robust for your kids throughout their entire lives!

I’m a warrior for you, your family, and your wildest dreams!

I’m not the type to toe the line or keep dreams hidden in a box under the bed! I’m here to champion your journey towards reclaiming your health, so you can create the vibrant family life you’ve always envisioned. But it’s not just about being a mom; it’s about embracing your individuality and walking your unique path with boundless energy and confidence. I’m excited to be your support system on this incredible journey!

My story
Things were rough

I remember those days when I felt like the worst mom in the world (and lived on Dr. Pepper).

When my older kids were small, my life was far from blissful. I lived in a cloud of misery, unable to find joy in motherhood, envious of those moms who seemed to have it all together. It’s strange, isn’t it? I’d dreamed of being a mom my whole life, and when it finally happened, I was consumed by sadness, self-doubt, and poor health.

Things were stressful. I was both serving in the Air Force and navigating being a new mom to a colicky son. My diet was terrible; Dr Pepper was my go-to, and I barely drank water. I abandoned the active lifestyle I’d once loved (and my husband at the time was not supportive of my well-being). I felt guilty for taking time for myself.

The result? Guilt. Shame. Restrictive yo-yo diets to over-correct, and one cranky mama who had no patience. It was so hard to embrace those precious moments. I was devastated that I felt so far from the happy, fun mom I thought I was going to be.

I got a second chance

Let me tell you - things could not be more different from my first go-round. I'm finally the fun, active mom my kiddo deserves!

Here’s the thing – my unbalanced relationship with food and movement was wreaking havoc on my metabolism. I had brain fog, insomnia, cravings, mood swings, binges and burnout. And my weight kept creeping up over time.

I finally learned to do it differently. I overcame my health struggles by balancing my blood sugar, healing my relationship with food and taking a holistic mind-body-soul approach to wellness.

It was LIFE-CHANGING! But also family-changing!

I’ve been lucky enough to get a do-over. After meeting the love of my life 12 years prior, we blended our families, and had a baby at 40 (thanks to a vasectomy reversal!) Yep I’m a mom to adults, teens, and a toddler! 

With my toddler, Emma, it’s like night and day. I have patience, I have presence, I have energy – we run, laugh, bike, and even work out together! I’m finally savoring every precious moment. It’s everything I dreamed being a mom to be.

I wanted to pay it forward to other moms!

I’ve been working with clients for 9+ years and have helped hundreds of women take back control of their health. I’ve fallen in love with helping moms finally feel confident in their body!

Enter my flagship program: MetaboBliss: Finding Food Freedom™. Yep, that’s my baby (well, besides the actual three I gave birth to and my three bonus sons). It’s all about shedding those pounds, amping up that metabolism, and having a blast while doing it.

If you’re craving change and are done with the constant fatigue, check it out. Let’s create a fun and vibrant family health legacy. And remember, mama: Choosing you first is the best gift you can ever offer your family.

Lose the weight & boost your energy without the restriction

free yourself from diet drama and embrace an energy so infectious, even your kids will say, “Mom, chill!”

No more staring down your plate with panic. No more diets that require a math degree to figure out. No more FOMO as you pick away at a salad while your friends down a pizza. Luckily, it’s simpler than you think to unlock your body’s natural fat-burning mode, curb your cravings, and reignite your energy – all while still getting to eat your favorite foods! 

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5 shortcuts to drop 10 lbs & supercharge your energy

So your kids can be the ones chasing you around for a change.


5 shortcuts to lose 10 lbs & supercharge your energy

So your kids can be the ones chasing you around for a change!


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