April 4-9, 2024

Costa Rica Metabobliss Retreat

Finding Food freedom - in paradise!

Are you tired of the never-ending diet drama, measuring every morsel of food, and being a slave to numbers? We feel you!

That’s why we’ve crafted a retreat that will liberate you from the shackles of restrictive diets and bring harmony back to your relationship with food.

“As a mom of 3, I wasn’t sure about investing the time and money in myself, but it was the absolute best thing I could have done for me – and my family!
Devon D.

“The retreat was absolutely life changing! I was able to make realizations about my health and relationship to food, and learn the tools to change it.

Katy R.

“The impact on your life is priceless. If this has been on your bucket list, or is just spur of the moment, all I can say is… you won’t regret it!

Holly B.
Get ready!

This isn't just another weight loss program

It's time to embrace a sustainable fat loss lifestyle that allows you to savor every moment of life without feeling deprived!

MetaboBliss™️ is a transformative experience that empowers you to take sustainable control of your health and your life so you can devote more time to your family and the things you truly love.

Join us for a week of learning, growth, and support as we guide you to the joy of saying goodbye to yo-yo dieting (including that growling, hangry stomach), and hello to eating without restrictions – all while still achieving your body goals!

And guess what?

It's not just about food!

We'll delve into the secrets of managing that B.S. (blood sugar) like a pro, keeping your body in fat-burning mode all day long.

Together, we’ll tackle the key components that impact your metabolism, including sleep, stress, hormones, gut health, and inflammation. Because we believe in a holistic transformation that brings about lasting change.

You’ll also learn to quit “starting over every Monday” – you’ll learn how to enjoy life without the fear of weight gain when you decide to take a detour from your plan!

All-in-all, this isn’t just another run-of-the-mill retreat – it’s a journey towards feeling empowered, confident, and happy in your own skin. You’ll find support, camaraderie, and some serious peace of mind (not to mention peace on the beach) as you embark on this incredible adventure with us!

Here's what to expect at costa rica metabobliss 2024:

Empowerment to make informed choices
Workouts that are both effective and enjoyable
Mastering your B.S. (blood sugar) to keep your body burning fat
Optimizing sleep for a revitalized metabobolism
Managing stress and optimizing hormonal balance
Nurturing gut health for overall well-being
Igniting your body’s natural fat-burning mode
Laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories

The retreat Deets:

Say goodbye to the crazy-making "off-limits" food lists, endless restrictions, and a non-existant social life. let's get ready to reclaim control of our lives and focus on the things we truly love!


April 4-9, 2024

Join us on this transformative journey to feeling empowered, free, confident, and happy! This retreat is your ticket to peace, support, and all-around awesomeness.

Who is this for?

Ready to shed those extra pounds without spending hours on the treadmill? Heck yeah, you are! Say goodbye to the daily cardio grind, and say hello to smarter, more effective workouts that will leave you feeling empowered, strong, and fabulous!

This is all about improving metabolism, so your body can finally bid farewell to that survival mode it’s been stuck in. Get ready to unleash your body’s natural healing powers and discover the true magic of feeling fantastic!

There are only 17 tickets available for this retreat.

Meet your host, Susan.

superhero coach & mom of 6

If you think you've got a full plate, think again, because Susan is the queen of juggling it all with a side of humor!

With 8+ years of certified life & health coaching experience, Susan empowers women to embrace lasting holistic health changes while sprinkling wellness wisdom and laughter everywhere she goes.

When not changing lives & family legacies, Susan parents her blended family of six (including a toddler birthed at 40!), indulges her inner foodie, travels, bikes, and grooves to spontaneous kitchen dance parties with her loved ones.

One thing’s for sure, Susan believes in taking time out each year to regroup, realign, and connect with your goals, your purpose, and with God. And this retreat is that perfect opportunity!

Here's what's included:

Six days/Five nights at luxury jungle accommodations
Welcome reception with gifts, appetizers, drinks at the infinity pool
Three 5-star plated Vegan meals a day (plus snacks, juices – alllll the amazing food!)
Daily outdoor yoga sessions surrounded by lush, soothing nature
Your choice of a revitalizing Full body massage ($250 value)
Metabolism Marvels: Unlocking Food Freedom Workshops
Plenty of time for hiking, journaling, and hitting the beach
An incredible community of women and so much laughter!

This jungle luxury experience will be curated and guided for maximum growth and transformation (yay for unleashing the foodie within!) The campus is “dry” and “vegan” for that very reason. You can check out answers to more FAQ’s on Imiloa’s Website.

All meals, accommodations, yoga classes, gifts, airport charter flight transports, and workshops are included. Airfare to Costa Rica and any other tours or excursions are not included.

Tickets are live and there’s only 17 spots so reserve now!


Accommodations will be first come, first served and are described below:

Potoo House

This two-floor imported home from Bali will have you wishing you’d never leave. Complete with a King Bed and a twin in the corner of the 180-year-old home, Potoo combines open-air jungle luxury with unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean. On the lower level, you will find a plunge pool and private area perfect for spa treatments.


All inclusive is $900/night single occupancy or $650/night for double occupancy

$4500 single occupancy
$3250 double occupancy
(Payment plans available)

Bali Village

The Bali Suites are elegantly situated at the top of the mountain in the 200-year-old Bali Village. The suites are located just a few steps away from a shared infinity pool, with gorgeous views overlooking the rainforest and the Pacific Ocean.


1 Single Bali Suites available
All inclusive price is $750/night single occupancy

$3750 total
(Payment plans available)

Sky Forest

Mountain, Jungle & Ocean View Suites. Sky Forest is on 8 contiguous acres to Imiloa, making the campus feel like a 30-acre wonderland. The home is 3500 sq ft with three expansive bedrooms, two downstairs and one up, with mountain, jungle and oceans views.


3 Suites available
All inclusive price is $750/night single occupancy or $600/night double occupancy
$3750 single occupancy
$2995 double occupancy
(Payment plans available)

Bungalow Hill

The Jungle Bungalows are in close proximity to the common area, and right on the pathway to a private waterfall. Bali inspired, the interiors feature natural finishings and beautiful details. Spacious bathrooms with a shower and soaking tub looking out to the rainforest.


2 Bungalows available
All inclusive price is $650/night
$3250 total
(Payment plans available)


Geodesic River Domes. Inspired by sacred geometry, the geodesic river domes sit in the rainforest along the edge of a private river. Enjoy the soothing sounds of the flowing water paired with the vibrant sounds of the jungle.


All inclusive price is $599/night
$2995 total
(Payment plans available)

It's $500 down to save your spot today! Room choices are first come, first served.


wave goodbye to food stress and calorie counting madness, and say hello to a happy, healthy you!

join us for the Costa Rica MetaboBliss Retreat from April 4-9, 2024!

Secure your spot today, and together, we’ll create a harmony between your love for food and your love for life!

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