Be the mom your kids can't keep up with.

Without restrictive dieting, I help exhausted moms lose the weight and supercharge their energy so they can become the unstoppable moms their children adore.

“I feel more confident, connected, happy, sexy, strong and motivated! Susan makes me feel supported and empowered.”
Deanna C.

“Since working with Susan, I’ve enjoyed working out (it can be fun!), increased energy and I can smile in a mirror instead of hide!”

Jillian B.
“I am more confident, more focused, and physically in the best shape of my life. I could never have done this without susan!”
Louann K.
Hi. I'm Susan.

Your kids get the best when you're at your best

Like you, I used to prioritize everyone except myself. I hated being a cranky, exhausted, self-conscious mom instead of the calm, fun mom my kids deserved.

Figuring out how to incorporate simple and effective metabolism boosting strategies into my busy lifestyle was what did the 360. I finally felt energized and comfortable in my body, and that meant I was able to give my kids more than the scraps of energy left over at the end of the day.

Now I love helping moms like you create joy in their family dynamics by finding their MetaboBliss — ie. freedom from dieting drama that ALSO gets you to your body goals.

MetaboBliss: Finding Food Freedom

Lose the weight & boost your energy without the restriction

free yourself from diet drama and embrace an energy so infectious, even your kids will say, “Mom, you need to chill!”

No more staring down your plate with panic. No more diets that require a math degree to figure out. No more FOMO as you pick away at a salad while your friends down a pizza. Luckily, it’s simpler than you think to unlock your body’s natural fat-burning mode, curb your cravings, and reignite your energy – all while still getting to eat your favorite foods! 

5 Powerful Steps to Conquer Emotional Eating
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Conquer Emotional Eating for good

Hey tired moms: are you ready to break free from emotional eating?


5 powerful steps to conquer emotional eating

enjoy food without the guilt and shame!


5 Powerful Steps to Conquer Emotional Eating

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