Step into the after party – where the real transformation unfolds!

This is the monthly membership (M2) that turbo boosts you towards your weight & energy goals with support and accountability that’ll keep you soaring.

after, Only $59/mo

M2 keeps you going and turns your body goals into reality.

With our on-the-go Momentum Community, consider your path to food freedom turbocharged.

It’s like having a personal cheer squad, cheering you on to becoming the confident, energetic mom you know you can be. But it’s on your phone – that’s how accessible and convenient it is!

after, Only $59/mo

Why join M2?

You've conquered the 30-day Metabobliss program! Science says you'll need support to keep it up.

Studies say you need at least 3 months of that A+ accountability to lock in real change and keep you on your way to a healthy weight, delicious confidence,  and infectious energy! With M2, it’s a pocket-friendly $59 a month, and here’s what you’ll dive into:

The whole Momentum (m2) training vault – your treasure chest of knowledge!
Seasonal meal plans that’ll keep your taste buds dancing
Grocery and snack lists that’ll make your shopping a breeze
Monthly clinics with experts , where you get the lowdown on what you really want to know
Challenges that’ll keep your fire lit, prizes and giveaways – yes, even cocktail recipes!
Your full-time hype girl (yep, that’s Susan) for those high-five moments and pep talks

Momentum gives you always-there support to become the best mom you can be.

Are you ready to embrace a life of health, vitality, and endless possibilities? Let's keep the momentum going!

after, Only $59/mo

“Susan provides a positive educational environment with absolutely no feeling of judgment. It was okay for me to be me!
Miriam D.

“With the help of this community, I’m no longer a tired overweight mom trying to make it through the day without giving up or falling apart!”

Bailey L.
“I’m now able to exercise again and function better in my everyday life. I feel supported and empowered at any level I’m at!
Deanna C.
Questions, anyone?

Here's the FAQ:

How's it billed?

It’s the same date each month, synced with your sign-up day. Let’s say you jumped on the train on September 22 – expect the charge party every 22nd.

Got the breakup blues? You can cancel whenever you feel like it. No strings attached. Not even the free month if you’re not feeling it.

This ride is for those who’ve conquered the basics, so start with MetaboBliss™️ itself, and then you’re ready to join the Momentum squad.

Time-travelers welcome! It doesn’t matter if you conquered MetaboBliss™️ a year ago or a minute ago – you’re in.

Next departure? Shoot an email to if you’re an alum. If you’re just about to or already diving into MetaboBliss, consider yourself enrolled when your 30-day voyage ends.

Yes! Access all the golden nuggets of past trainings – they’re yours to explore for as long as you’re a member.
Plant-based party people, we’ve got you covered. Our weekly meal plans dance to the rhythm of pescatarian or vegetarian beats. Plus, there’s always a swap waiting in the wings.
Let's do it!

This is only the beginning of a lfietime filled with health, energy, and joy.

Don't let it start and end now. join momentum and we'll keep up the momentum - together!

after, Only $59/mo

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