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So your kids can be the ones chasing you around for a change.

You’ve had it with being cranky, exhausted, and self-conscious. In this free guide you’ll learn 5 shortcuts to sustainable weight loss & energy so you can become the unstoppable mom your children adore.


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Have energy so infectious, your kids will think they got a whole new mom

Imaging waking up refreshed, greeting the day with a smile, and have the energy to keep up with your kids from morning till bedtime. Say goodbye to those cranky mornings and hello to unstoppable joy!

Give up painful calorie counting and restrictive diets AND STILL LOSE WEIGHT

Enjoy guilt-free family adventures, from hiking to theme park trips, without feeling self-conscious (or starving yourself!) Picture the confidence radiating from your vibrant self as you savor every moment with your loved ones.

Look back with no regrets that you made every moment with your kids count
Reflect on your journey as a mom with nothing but pride. Picture yourself cherishing every moment, from laughter-filled playdates to quiet bedtime stories, knowing that you were the energetic, loving mom your kids will forever adore.

Here's what you'll learn:

Hi, I'm Susan!

Your kids get the best when you're at your best

Like you, I used to prioritize everyone except myself. I hated being a cranky, exhausted, self-conscious mom instead of the calm, fun mom my kids deserved.

Figuring out how to incorporate simple and effective metabolism boosting strategies into my busy lifestyle was what did the 360 I was able to give my kids more than the scraps of energy left over at the end of the day.

Now as an 8+ year wellness coach and the creator of the MetaboBliss™️ program, I love helping moms like you create joy in their family dynamics by freeing themselves from dieting drama while also getting to their body goals.

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5 shortcuts to lose 10 lbs & supercharge your energy

So your kids can be the ones chasing you around for a change!


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